The Department

The Department of Political Science at the University of Crete is a modern department aiming at promoting research and teaching in political science for the detailed examination and the critical management of political issues as well as the dissemination of the necessary skills, techniques and methods. Unlike most relevant departments in Greek universities, which originated in law schools, the Department of Political Science at the University of Crete was established and shaped as a distinct entity from the very beginning. Precisely because it was established without institutional affiliations to other branches or disciplines, it has always included genuine interdisciplinarity among its objectives. This combination allows it to highlight the distinctive features of its academic field in its international manifestations but also to collaborate with other disciplines in promoting research and teaching. The Department of Political Science aspires to equip political scientists with the skills they will need to meet the complex demands of studying and managing political phenomena and modern public policy at a national, supranational and international level. It provides courses and supervision for research in the main fields (political philosophy and political theory, comparative and European policy, public policies, political sociology, international relations) as well as skills that are essential to modern students (English, computers, SPSS, etc.). On this basis, and in combination with the constant scientific and research activity of its members, the Department aspires to make a significant contribution to the development of political science in Greece as well as to upgrading the Greek political system and Greek policy in Greece and the EU.