Courses Offered 2017-2018

Winter Semester 2017-18

English Courses
English for Political Scientists A: Political Theories-M.CHEILA
English for Political Scientists C: World Politics-M.CHEILA

Compulsory Courses (ΥΠΟ)
Political Science I-Conceptual Foundations (Α’ ΥΠΟ)-I.GEORGANTAS
Political Theory I (Α’ ΥΠΟ)-T.NOUTSOPOULOS
Constitutional Law (Α’ ΥΠΟ)- I.MAVROMOUSTAKOU
Methodology of Political Science (Α’ ΥΠΟ)-N.ALEXOPOULOS
Greek Politics (Α’ ΥΠΟ)-I.KARAGIANNIS
Political Theory III (Γ’ ΥΠΟ)-A.GIOURAS
Interest Groups and Social Mouvements (Γ’ ΥΠΟ)- E.ARANITOU
Political System of the EU (Γ’ ΥΠΟ)-D.XENAKIS
Political Science III-International Relations (Γ’ ΥΠΟ)-D.XENAKIS

Optional Courses (ΥΕΠ)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship-K.MANASAKIS
Public Policies Analysis-N.ALEXOPOULOS
Euro-Mediterranean Relations-D.XENAKIS
Politics (and) Communication-I.KARAGIANNIS
Aspects of Politico-institutional Modernization-E.PAPAVLASOPOULOS
The Immersion of Theory in Empirical Data-V.DAFERMOS
Ideology and Political of Social Democracy-D. KOTROGIANNOS

Optional Seminars (ΥΕΣ)
Analyzing Political Data in the context of Poisson Logistic Regression Procedure-V.DAFERMOS
English Literature and Politics-M.XEILA
European Policies in Education and Labour-N.PAPADAKIS
Special Issues in Political Sociology-E.PAPAVLASOPOULOS
Integration Policies-N.PAPADAKIS
European Business Environment-K.MANASAKIS